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New England Diamond and Jewelry Buyers

is pleased to announce that we are now providing collateral loans to our customers.  You will now have the option of either selling your items for cash or taking a loan using these items for collateral.  We will be providing loans on Jewelry, Coins, Watches and Diamonds.  Please call ahead for other items.

As long as you have a valid, non-expired government issued ID, you will receive cash on the spot.

The process is simple; We will evaluate your items and based on the wholesale value we will extend a loan offer.  The paperwork will be completed quickly and you will receive cash immediately.

NEDJB will take possession of your items but they remain yours and we will securely store them in one of our insurance bonded vaults.  They will not be sold!

Once the loan is paid in full your items can be redeemed.  Loans are typically from 60-90 days, but can be shorter or longer depending on the item and situation.