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Gold ring and gold chainNew England Diamond And Jewelry Buyers specializes in acquiring United States Coin Collections and Accumulations.  We are serious buyers of all numismatics as well as currency notes, including large size notes, fractional currency and national bank notes.

The coin collecting market is booming.  Demand is on the rise, so coin prices are also on the rise.  Now is a perfect time to sell!!

The numismatic professionals at New England Diamond & Jewelry Buyers will take the necessary time to sit down with you and evaluate your coin collection and offer you a very competitive price for the entire lot.  We buy coins in all conditions. 

Gold ring and gold chainWe have recently written checks for more than $10,000 on individual coins.  What are you coins worth? Let us help you find out. 



Examples of coins we buy: 

Morgan Dollars Gold Dollar Quarters
Peace Dollars Silver Half Dollars Twenty-cent piece
Trade Silver Dollars Eagle Dimes
Silver Dollar Half Eagle Half Dime
Three-cent piece Double Eagle Nickels
Two-cent piece Cents Large cent
Half cent Krugerrands Maple Leafs
Chinese Pandas Australian Kangaroos Other Sovereigns


Certain coins are at all-time price records and we are coming across more of these each and every day.  Gold ring and gold chain

Please stop by our office at 660 Washington St. Newtonville, MA 02458 right across from Whole Foods or Call us at 617-243-0099 to schedule a private appointment.

For larger collections, New England Diamond & Jewelry Buyers numismatics willgladlytravel to your home, bank or attorney’s office for your convenience.

Remember, all transactions are discreet and your privacy is always protected.