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New England Diamond And Jewelry Buyers aggressively buys diamonds of all shapes, sizes, colors and qualities.


Shapes of Diamonds

Modern cut • Old Miner • Old Europea • Transitional•
Chipped and Damaged Diamonds


Fancy Cut Diamonds

  • Pear Shaped Diamond


  • Emerald Shaped Diamond


  • Cussion Shaped Diamond


  • Heart Shaped Diamond


  • Princess Shaped Diamond


  • Asscher Shaped Diamond


  • Round Shaped Diamond


  • Marquise Shaped Diamond


  • R Shaped Diamond



Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds

  • Yellow Diamond


  • Blue Fancy Diamond


  • Orange Round Diamond


  • Pink Fancy Diamond


  • Green Round Diamond


  • Red Round Diamond


  • Mixed Colored Fancy Diamond



What We Look For When Purchasing Diamonds

  1. We begin by determining the carat weight of the diamond. If certificates or appraisals are available, these could help. If not, we weigh the stone if it's not in a setting. If the stone is mounted, we use a micrometer to measure the height and width of the diamond. Using formulas we can approximate the weight of the diamond. In most cases and with your permission, we are able to remove a diamond from a setting to determine the exact weight. This is important when the diamond is on a borderline carat weight (i.e below or above 2.00 carats). The price per carat increases substantially once the stone hits the 2.00 carat mark.
  2. The next step in the process is determining the color and clarity of the diamond. Color is based on a scale ranging from D-Z, D being the whitest and most valuable and Z containing a heavy brown tone. When the diamond is set in a mounting the color needs to be approximated because the metal and ambient light can alter the true color. This is where the expertise of New England Diamond & Jewelry Buyers' diamond professionals is so important. With close to 30 years of experience, we can almost always color grade a set diamond within one grade.

    Why is this important?
    Let's take a 2.00 ct Round Brilliant cut diamond with a clarity of VS2. The difference in price between an F color and G color stone (just one color grade) would be approximately $2,000 to you the seller!!!

    Clarity (or the amount of inclusions) in a diamond is determined with a 10X Loupe and we are able to judge the amount of inclusions as well as the location of the inclusions. The only tricky part to judging clarity is when an inclusion is hidden by ring prongs or at a location not easily visible. Generally, we can estimate clarity fairly easily. There might be instances where we would ask the stone to be removed from the mounting to inspect, although, this is not the norm.

  3. The final component is determining the cut of the diamond. Cut can play a significant role in determining the value of your diamond. We look at various angles, measurements and ratios to help judge the cut grade. Cut grades range from Excellent to Very Good to Good to Poor.

One thing you can always count on at New England Diamond & Jewelry Buyers is a detailed explanation of these factors and how we arrive at the cash price for your diamond.

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