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Tips on Selling your Diamonds and Jewelry

When it comes time to selling your diamonds and fine jewelry, there are important things one should know prior to accepting an offer.

First, presenting an appraisal or independent gemology lab certificate helps the Diamond and Jewelry buyer identify your pieces.  For instance, the weight of a diamond can only be estimated when set in gold or platinum.  If the diamond has an accompanying certificate, the diamond buyer has more confidence in the weight and can, therefore, make a more substantial offer.

Second, when you are ready to sell your diamonds and jewelry, including watches, coins, gold, platinum and silver make sure the buyer spends time with you so that you understand what you are selling.  The more that you know about your diamonds and jewelry, the better the position you are in to accept a fair and competitive offer.

Beware of diamond, gold and jewelry buyers that make offers without explaining to you exactly what you own and are selling.  Our experience shows that many jewelry buyers prefer to not educate the seller and attempt to take advantage of naïve diamond and jewelry sellers.  It is the obligation and duty of the jewelry professional to act honestly and in the best interest of the seller.

Third, when it comes time to selling your diamonds and jewelry, choose a firm that specializes in the liquidation of jewelry rather than a retail jewelry store.  This can make a substantial difference in the offer that you will receive.  A retail jewelry store buys diamonds and jewelry with the intention of selling the pieces to the public.  As we know, this can take a long time, especially given current economic conditions.

What it means for you:
A firm such as ours does not hold diamonds and jewelry for retail.  We liquidate the jewelry immediately, selling to wholesalers around the world.  This allows us to pay higher prices by working on much lower profit margins by turning the goods over quickly.

When you visit New England Diamond & Jewelry Buyers you will sit down (not stand at a counter) in a comfortable and relaxed environment.  Our jewelry buyers will carefully inspect your jewelry and do our very best to explain exactly what the piece is and what it is worth.