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  • Gold, Gold Filled and Gold Plated

    Gold, Gold Filled and Gold Plated

    Gold jewelry is one of the most desired and fashionable accessories for any outfit. This precious commodity is often plated or filled with other metals to create affordable and accessible options for anyone looking to add a touch of gold to their wardrobe. However, many buyers may not realize the difference between genuine gold and…

  • Gold Colors

    Gold Colors

    Gold jewelry is remarkably versatile and is available in a variety of gorgeous hues. Although naturally occurring as yellow gold, it can also be mixed with different alloys to create other gold colors Yellow Gold Yellow gold is gold in its original, naturally occurring golden color. When used for jewelry, it is often mixed with…

  • Gold Purity

    Gold Purity

    Different gold purities If you’ve ever gone shopping for jewelry, you are probably familiar with the word “karat” as applied to gold. The higher the karat, the more expensive it will be. But have you ever wondered why? The short answer is that higher karats mean more gold, but there’s more to it than that.…